Caroline Coppée - Verschaffel

Avenue Emile van Becelaere 164, 1170 Brussels

Gsm +32 474 76 94 79


I have always loved looking around for furniture. As a student whenever I had time I would go to fleamarkets for hours, I spent many evenings after work in auction houses.

For several years now I have developed a passion for vintage design. I buy mostly chairs, sometimes from known designers, sometimes less known. What I am looking for is charm and the "coup de cœur". I am particularly fond of the period between 1950 and 1970 whether from Scandinavia, the USA, France, Italy, Germany, Belgium or the Netherlands.

What I particularly like in this period is the explosion of creativity stimulated by the apparition of new materials such as plywood, fiberglass and chrome. The fact that some men and women have been thinking for hours how to create the best possible chair more than 40 years ago really makes me like them all the more.

Now, close your eyes and imagine a room in your house with just one nice chair in a corner. Imagine your kitchen with a set of vintage chairs. And now, imagine yourself seated in a comfortable sixties lounge chair with a good book.

Those nice chairs can create that little specific atmosphere in which charm, timelessness, beauty and cosyness can be found altogether.

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