Uten.silo by Dorothea Becker for M-Design

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Beautiful bright red Uten.silo by Dorothea Becker for M-Design. Designed in 1969. Rigid red plastic, exists in 2 dimensions. This one is the bigger version. Thanks to her husband Ingo Maurer, who commercialised it until 1980, the Uten.silo was presented at a Design Fair in Frankfurt and immediately registrated a huge success. Most of us have known this as kids. Re-edited by Vitra since 2002. This very model dates from the seventies. Can be used in an entrance hall to put away keys, cell-phones, I-pods, everything you have in your pockets, just name it... Extremely handy, I have one at home and no more have to look around for all my stuff because I put I all away in the Uten.silo! Also practical in a kitchen or next to your desk. Traces of usage due to time.

Dimensions : 87H/67W


Vintage uten.silo by Dorothea Becker